Available Apartments

Unfortunately Oranssi does not have any vacant apartments at the moment. However, when an apartment becomes available it will be announced on this page.

Information on where and when to apply will be found in the apartment announcement. All applications must be handed in personally on given dates.

How to apply for an Oranssi apartment?

Oranssi Apartments can be applied for by anyone under 25 years of age including young families, in which at least one of the adults is under 25 years old. Despite the age limit, the duration of residency at Oranssi Apartments is not limited. The most important criteria for choosing new residents are: age, low income, and an interest in Oranssi’s active and independent way of housing. A rent deposit is not required and a bad credit history will not affect your chances of getting an apartment. There is no waiting list for Oranssi apartments as each apartment is applied for separately. Filling the application form must happen at the location of the vacant apartment during the application period. The application form cannot be submitted by mail or e-mail. All applications will be handled confidentially.

After receiving the applications, the current residents will go through all the applications and propose a new tenant to the board of Oranssi Apartments. The board will then make the final decision based on this proposal. The new tenant will be informed, and before signing a lease contract the tenant has to present the most recent confirmed tax certificate.

Living at Oranssi is communal and the residents are expected to work actively and independently for the community by maintaining and improving their own living environment. The residents share collectively the responsibilities over yard work, communal spaces and the maintenance and renovations of the houses. In addition, the residents have regular house meetings where common matters are discussed and decided.

Compared to conventional forms of rental housing, living at Oranssi requires significantly stronger commitment and readiness to invest personal free time to common work and house meetings.

The work done by the tenants enables Oranssi to maintain the rents affordable. Oranssi apartments are in old wooden buildings, therefore the comfort of living does not always match the modern standards of rental housing.

For more information: pyry.rechardt(at)oranssi.net
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